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ontd_assistance's Journal

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Finding a way to help people however we can.
"Be the change you want to see in the world" -- Mahatma Gandhi

This community is an offshoot from ontd_political, born from the comments thread in a post that discussed the poverty and fundamental need for help that so many people are in desperate need of but are unable to get or are shamed in to not accepting. It started with one person offering to ship boxes of macaroni and it just kept on going from there.

There is no judging here, and there is no reason to be ashamed of asking for anything, the whole reason this community was created was with the intent to help people.

This is a Safe Space, no one will ever call you out for asking for help. And if they do they can say hello to my little frien'...

Why have a mod hammer when you can have a rapid fire nailgun? Oh Internets

Seriously though, Rules:

-No bullying: this includes name calling; judging; and generally being hurtful. It's not cool don't do it.

-No flamewars: we encourage discussion, and while we have retained the ontd heritage in our name we're not strictly speaking that kind of community. Discussions- Yes!; Flaming- No!

-Leave your Shit at the door: Leave your politics, leave your religion, leave your opinions and your wank outside, you can pick them up on the way out when you're leaving, but while you're here in this community you will behave and you will be civil. The Internet has been fantastic for allowing people to act like assholes behind the thin veil of perceived anonymity, it will not be tolerated here. This is a place to help people, not argue with them and put them down.

-Trolling: is not allowed at all. If you try to troll this place I will smack you down so hard your own mother's grandmother will feel it through the passage of space and time itself and wish you'd never been born. IT WILL HURT THAT MUCH.

-Baseball: This is not it; you will be warned once for behaviour- one strike you get another go, second strike, you're out!

-Tagging: please, tag your entries appropriately, it makes our ability to find things that little bit easier. If you forget to tag don't worry a mod can do it for you.

-Be respectful: ← what it says.

-Enjoy being here: This isn't a snark, shock, wtf, or random image comm, but that doesn't mean we can't have some sort of fun. We're not adverse to random posts every now and then, just don't try to hijack the comm from it's intended purpose. This is the Internet, I accept pictures of cats are virtually impossible to filter out, but if your post is just about cats and or other random things and it's not a designated Silly Day there will be Words Of A Serious Nature.

Given the nature of this community membership will be moderated as will posts. Everyone has the ability to post but we are doing everything we can to ensure the protection and safety of our members which requires heavy moderation. We're sorry for this, but to compensate we have lots of mods, yay! If your membership has been rejected then it's possible we think you're a TROLL IN THE DUNGEON or a spambot, if you feel this is not accurate PM the group, not individual mods. And if you PM us porn/spam or bullshit I'll smack your mother so hard she'll wish you'd never been born. I kid- but I will nailgun your head to the floor.

You can also post anonymously in this community by sending your request to us via private messaging, a moderator will then post it on your behalf. There is also an email for you to use if you so prefer, you will find it in the locked info post.

Those wishing to contribute to the task of moderating may do so by applying here.

If your post becomes lengthy please be courteous and put it under a cut.

For everything else, refer to the FAQS:
-FAQ: Money; FAQ: Sending gift packages; FAQ: coupons; FAQ: hugs!

And remember, this comm was created with the sole purpose of helping those in need- from sending food packages, swapping coupons, life and job advice, to sparing a dollar, euro, pound (any other currency etc.) where it can be spared, or even just offering kind words and moral support where so many people find themselves on their own. It doesn't matter how small a contribution you think you are making, it all counts, and it makes a difference.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

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