Public fruit and produce
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If you're having trouble getting food, particularly fresh fruits of vegetables, check out Fallen Fruit or forage which provide maps of public fruit and nut trees you can gather food from.

They're not comprehensive, so try googling "your location" + "public tree" "forage" "urban foraging" or similar terms and you may well bring up a map specific to the area you live in.

A brief hello and an update.
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This community isn't dead, not by a long shot. I'm aware I haven't posted anything in what has somehow morphed in to two months, but I assure you it's been a very busy two months.

I'm currently working two jobs so I've been doing what I can for the comm in my spare time. I will be posting things soon for your approval/disapproval and am hoping to have a fully formed community set up with what we intended to do fairly soon- I'm leaving my day job for health reasons amongst other things fairly soon, so while I'll be broke I'll have more time to Internet :D! work on important things. Like this comm :)

In the meantime ontd_assistance, stay classy, and patient. I'm still approving membership requests when they appear and if you have articles or anything else you want to submit the mods and I will be there to approve them. And now I'm going back to working on shipping regulations, coupons, sending money online and wondering where to acquire an IV drip at short notice and how one might distil pure caffeine.

-Joy x

Calling all mods.
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If the mods could all check their inboxes and get back to me that'd be spiffy.

As for everyone else, have a great weekend and we'll be updating with official changes soon <3

Books for military members & family
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Operation Paperback provides books to deployed US service members on an ongoing basis. Request books, a volunteer will send you a box of reading material. Magazines and audio books are also available. You can request items for yourself or the whole unit. If you get on the "special requests" list you can request more specific, hard to find items like things off the officer training list or things for a COIN library, pediatric unit at a hospital, career center, or foreign language dictionaries and phrasebooks.

If you are the spouse of a service member, you can request a one time shipment of books for yourself and any kids. One time kids books shipments will be at LEAST 20 books and may be significantly more. request books for your family, here

For those interested in donating, visit their website and see what people are looking for. APO/FPO addresses count as domestic mail and MAY be shipped via Media Mail. You can ship a box of about 10 books for around $4. You will need to fill out a customs form.
They also had a special request last month for old but functional walkmans and discman players. They have a unit that has a audio books but has run out of ways to play them! contact the special requests director if you have a walkman to donate and they'll give you address to ship to.

Treasure Box
Amazing program... is now in Nevada!

Treasure Box now serves California, Arizona, and Nevada. If you're looking to save on your grocery budget and live in these areas; be sure to check them out.

I bought from Treasure Box when I lived in SoCal and it was a literal lifesaver (out of work, husband out of work, new baby, DSHS being boobs). I miss the service very much now.

Check 'em out.

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks (U.S.)
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Inexpensive thing to do as a family, especially if you have a National Park/Monument near you.

Mark your calendar for these fee-free days in 2011:

* January 15-17
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday weekend)
* April 16-24
(National Park Week)
* June 21
(First day of summer)
* September 24
(Public Lands Day)
* November 11-13
(Veterans Day weekend)

Making the fun even more affordable, many national park concessioners are joining the National Park Service in welcoming visitors with their own special offers.

The Original Red Shoes
The list of tags tags has been compiled and added to the community, at least, the first set of tags- all 344 of them. Many thanks to mephisto5 who compiled them all, I just copy pasted them to the designated space then watched livejournal scream.

The Rules also went up in case some of you hadn't noticed. Please read them if you haven't done so already.

Once again a reminder to mods to stay in touch, I can be reached on google or skype at and my journal is always open for friending and private messages.

Also once more to our members, please continue to contribute your ideas and comments in the upcoming posts, they are appreciated, they do matter and they will be listened to.

If you have a community we think we should have on watch let us know- I'm steadily sorting through emails already doing just that.

Coming up some time soon, Interests and FAQs yaaaay.

P.S. Contributions to making the comm look pretty also welcome- I'll hopefully be upgrading us to a paid account soon. Just waiting on the first pay cheque of the new year to come in :)
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A brief update.
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Happy New Year ontd_assistance I wish you all the best in the coming year and every year thereafter.

I'd just like to say welcome to all the new people and thank you to everyone who has been commenting with great ideas, offering their time and generally being supportive. I had hoped to do some more things -like reply to comments!- but Hogmanay is kind of a huge deal where I'm from so I've spent the day running around after family and friends and generally not having any time. I've tried to approve all of the members that joined and awarded mod status to those who have offered to help. I've also read every single comment, so please don't feel that because I haven't replied to your idea that I'm ignoring it, it has been noted and issues will be addressed in upcoming posts where we work out how exactly we're going to make this work.

In the meantime, mods! we need to stay in touch, and sometimes lj comments just wont suffice. Please feel free to add me on either Google Talk or Skype, you can find me on both places under then name of if you have neither I can set something else up, it would just be ideal for us to have a space to talk that isn't restricted to LJ which can be in my experience somewhat glitchy at times. -Anyone else can add me as well, but I'll mostly just be using these accounts for mod stuff :)

In the meantime keep your suggestions and ideas coming in, I'm hoping over the weekend to obtain some semblance of order and structure to posting- it is truly heart warming to already see offers of help and assistance coming in, your generosity and kindness far outweighs my capacity to type fast enough and keep up, but I'm hoping to remedy that soon!

My inbox- a video demonstration.
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Thank you so much for the interest that has been shown in this community, I'm not entirely sure what happened but it seems I've ended up creating it- but I'm going to need your help to build and maintain it. If this works, and I will try my hardest, it will be nothing short of awesome. As I said in a comment in the original thread where this all started, the revolution towards a better future has to start somewhere, and perhaps we can do our bit by showing people that we care, even if all we can spare is a dollar, a pound, a euro, some coupons, advice or just plain moral support, it all counts, and it all makes a difference.

Feel free to add me at my personal journal, you can also PM for any other forms of contact. I've created a gmail account for this comm as well which I will post under a locked entry. Membership is currently open but will be turning to moderated after I have some people willing to help with this. I've ran online communities before but never on lj- so you'll need to be patient while I figure out what everything does.

So far for suggestions we have: setting up our own paypal account, compiling a list of helpful websites and resources, a post for coupon swapping, the importance of tagging and...well you tell me :) We also need to come up with some rules, which are also up for discussion.

In the mean time, please feel free to post your suggestion for this comm here. Discussion is and always will be actively encouraged. I've already had some graphics contributed by ang_band in the form of icons, if you have anything you want to contribute by all means post away, I no longer have photoshop, all I have is my tiny netbook and I think photoshop is twice the size of him.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to dig my way out of my inbox, if I'm not back in an hour...well...kiss the children for me wont you darling...I may be some time...

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi


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